Performing Disability Histories


Changing Lives, Changing Times DVD Resource Pack

The following resources were created as part of a DVD pack which was sent out to Schools & other various parties. A copy of the DVD is available on request. For more information please visit the contact page.

DVD Cover

A high resolution copy of the Changing Lives, Changing Times DVD cover can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

DVD Cover

Resource Manual

The Changing Lives, Changing Times resource manual can be downloaded from here or by clicking on the image below.

Talking Heads Film

This short film is presented by David Toole and Nicola Wildin. It tells the real stories of five disabled people (Florence, Dan, Poppy, Holly and Harvey) who grew up with physical impairments between Second World War and the 21st Century. Together they cover themes of Family, Education, Medical Treatment, Employment and Identity. The stories are re-told by Nicola and David, both professional disabled actors.

Workshop Storyboard

The Workshop Storyboard video which shows how the ‘Theatre’ and ‘Installation’ techniques can be used to develop two different workshops. The workshop activities are described under each section within the Workshop page. While intended for teachers, these guidance notes often address the pupil as workshop participant (e.g in Step 3 ‘find scenes’).


Based on findings of the Social Science Disability research project which looked at how life has changed for young disabled people between World War II and the present day, this musical theatre performance uses the skills of students from CAPA College and Cockburn School to translate the page to the stage.

Time Line Poster

A copy of the Time Line poster can be downloaded by clicking on the image below.

Image showing time line

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