Performing Disability Histories

Storyboard of Workshops

How to do it

The menu to the left provides step-by-step instructions are for teachers to use in conjunction with the storyboard DVD which shows how the ‘Theatre’ and ‘Installation’ techniques can be used to develop two different workshops. The workshop activities are described under each section. While intended for teachers, these guidance notes often address the pupil as workshop participant (e.g in Step 3 ‘find scenes’).

It is acceptable to adapt the instructions according to the individual circumstances of each classroom/ participant group. However it is important to follow the general sequence of activities as described below in order to fully understand how the Theatre and Installation pathways work and the differences between them.

The sections all correspond to the scene titles on the How-to-do-it video. You will need to use the thematic case study materials to develop each workshop (can be accessed under the Talking Heads page)

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